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    • 01/17/2018
      BCC renamed to BCH
      We are open! Happy to see everyone!

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    MarketCoin NameLast PriceVolume (24h)Change (24h)
    BCH/CBRBitcoinCash0.000000000.00000000 BCH0.00%
    BTC/BCHBitcoinLegacy10.900000000.00004000 BTC0.00%
    BTC/CBRBitcoinLegacy0.000000000.00000000 BTC0.00%
    DASH/BCHDash0.000000000.00000000 DASH0.00%
    DASH/CBRDash0.000000000.00000000 DASH0.00%
    DOGE/BCHDogeCoin0.000000000.00000000 DOGE0.00%
    DOGE/CBRDogeCoin0.000000000.00000000 DOGE0.00%
    ETH/BCHEthereum0.000000000.00000000 ETH0.00%
    ETH/CBREthereum0.000000000.00000000 ETH0.00%
    LTC/BCHLitecoin0.000000000.00000000 LTC0.00%
    LTC/CBRLitecoin0.000000000.00000000 LTC0.00%