Bitzlato and Valega partnership

The issue of security in the field of cryptocurrencies is always relevant. Transactions and transactions with digital assets are somehow associated with risk. We work every day to improve the process of protection and quality of help on our service.

We have partnered with the VALEGA AML platform, which helps prevent the flow of dirty cryptocurrency (digital assets that participated in illegal transactions or were stolen from exchanges) to our service and does not send funds to prohibited resources.

VALEGA AML platform provides a tool for assessing and complying with the requirements of the current anti-money laundering regulations, including AMLD5. VALEGA allows us to monitor and analyze monetary transactions to determine their level of risk and filter out illegal activities. This ensures transparency and security of assets on our platform.

One subject can have multiple wallets and create an infinite number of transactions. As soon as the algorithm assigns a label to an issue, it begins to track it and tag all addresses and transactions associated with this subject.

Categories of tags include:

  • darknet services;
  • sweepstakes and gambling;
  • malware;
  • trading platforms;
  • miners;
  • mixers.

This algorithm is at the heart of the AML program, which allows you to scan the blockchain and determine the relationship of any asset with illegal tags.

Our users will be protected from the receipt of dirty cryptocurrency on their wallets. We will be able to save them from sending funds to criminal resources (scam projects; cryptocurrency ransomware wallets; phishing wallets; wallets that use malware).

You can read more about the dirty cryptocurrency in the article.

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