BZ Predict the rate

Does it happen that you notice that you can predict the bitcoin rate? Do you want to test your analytical or psychic abilities? Join our “Predict the Rate” game from BZ and win $10!

In our telegram channel, twice a day, we publish a post with a proposal to predict what the Bitcoin exchange rate will be in 30 minutes after publication. All channel subscribers can participate, so if you have not yet joined our community – do it via this link! The winner is the one who guesses the exact rate or is closer than the others to the correct one.


Rules of the game:

1) Be a subscriber of our Telegram Channel BZ Africa;

2) Try to guess what will be the rate of BTC/USDT in 30 minutes after publication;

3) You can share your answer only during the first 10 minutes after publication. All answers shared after 10 minutes will not be taken into account;

4) Answers are accepted ONLY in the comments below the post (not in the chat);

5) If two people guessed the rate or wrote it equally close to the real one, the winner is the one who gave the prediction earlier


Good luck!