What needs to be done to stand in a “glass”?


We have prepared a simple guide for you for those who want to trade on Bitzlato themselves.

To create an ad, you need a minimum account balance. Each coin has its own. So, BCH – 0.04, BTC – 0.001, DAI – 20, DASH – 0.002, DOGE – 40, ETC – 1, ETH – 0.04, LTC – 0.1, MCR – 1000, MDT – 25, USDC – 0, USDT – 20. Next, you need to go to the exchange – to my ads – add ads – indicate that we are going to buy or sell bitcoins. Let’s say we want to buy BTC – we specify the payment method – then we specify the price – we specify the limits (for example, from 1000 to 7000).

Next, we can go to my ads, and in the menu that appears, we can change the price, limits, terms of the transaction, set additional settings.

But that’s not all!

If you want to be in the top 1 glass, then now is the best time, because the conditions for this are as simple as ever:

👉 Conduct at least 5 trades in all fiat currencies except RUB

👉 The minimum turnover is now only 0.05 BTC for all fiat currencies except RUB

We also:

✅ We set a 0.5% commission for such fiat currencies: USD, KES, EUR, NGN, AZN, MDL, GEL, KGS, TRY, AMD, PLN. And it’s not just like that! After all, the entire commission will go to the referral program. And therefore…

✅ Catch 100% referral commission (30% for maker, 70% for taker) for such fiat currencies: USD, KES, EUR, NGN, AZN, MDL, GEL, KGS, TRY, AMD, PLN. *

*100% referral commission will be valid only during July! Don’t miss your chance! 💸

Join the maker era with Bitzlato!

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