What is BZ?

Bitzlato (abbreviated as BZ) is a company that develops, promotes, and services various products that serve the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

In 2016, through the efforts of crypto enthusiasts, miners, and traders, the first service for p2p cryptocurrency exchange in Telegram was created. The bot was called BTC Change bot, and the first markets that it served were Russia and Ukraine. Thanks to the unique interface and favorable trading conditions, the bot quickly grew and became known throughout the CIS countries.

By 2018, the company was already a notable player in the p2p exchange market. To keep developing, it became necessary to create a web application for a P2P exchange. We carried a rebranding out. The company became known as Bitzlato and received its own website at bitzlato.

In 2020, Bitzlato became the sole leader in trading volumes and the number of active traders throughout the CIS vastly outperforming its closest competitors. This year, new directions began to actively develop to promote the Bitzlato p2p platform in the new markets. The company also worked hard on the release of new products, including a mobile app. The number of users has exceeded 3 million people, and the monthly trading volume has exceeded USD 100 million. The company earned its popularity in new markets, and it became necessary to carry out another rebranding. Then the company shortened its name from Bitzlato to just BZ.

Today, BZ is over 13 thousand transactions daily; the monthly trading volume of the P2P platform is over 2,000 BTC, over 3,200 ETH, and about 2,700,000 USDT. BZ has over 50 employees around the world: China, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Nigeria, as well as Brazil and Colombia. At the moment, the BZ product line includes a P2P platform, a cryptocurrency wallet, an exchange (in refinement), a lending service, and a payment gateway. We do not stop and continue to develop. Our values ​​are honesty, fairness, and confidentiality. Our goals are to make the path to the world of cryptocurrencies convenient and straightforward for the entire world and provide all the tools for this.

Thank you for staying with us!

We are here for you!

With gratitude,

BZ Team

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