Crypto Loan

Get a cryptoloan in one minute using the Telegram bot!

We offer
Crypto Loan

Any amount

No maximum limit

As simple as possible

Without checking documents or credit history

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Favorable terms

Low percentage per annum

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency lending?
No need to sell BTC

Take a loan in USDT secured by BTC and overwatch the rate increase by gradually repaying the crypto loan

No contracts

You can get the loan in less than a minute and our service guarantees performance due to secured collaterals

No hidden fees

If you decide to pay off the loan before the end of the term, you will pay interest for the period of actual use of the funds, without any penalties

Benefit from your assets

Any bank provides a loan secured by shares, securities or cryptocurrency, but here you can take a loan secured by your cryptocurrency assets

Passive income
Give loans to other users

Without any risk

The loan you give is always secured by cryptocurrency

Without KYC

No paperwork or selfies needed

Your terms and conditions

You decide on the annual interest rate, the credit period and the amount of the loan

Commissions and referral rewards

Invite new users and earn passive income from Telegram Bot commissions! Fees are charged from the borrower

ico 0,8%

Loan origination service fee

We instantly deposit the reward to your account for trades of your affiliates

ico 90%

Of the fee if your referral takes out a loan or if you liquidate his loan.

ico 0%

Fee if you pay off before the term ends

Telegram Bot
Always in your hand

All deals take place in the Telegram Bot, which are always available 24/7. Just go ahead and find out how it works.

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Answers to questions
How do I get a Crypto loan?

To take out a loan, you need to log in to the bot and click "take out a loan". Either use AutoSelect or select the offer manually.

Who can take a Crypto loan?

Any person who can provide a collateral can take out a loan

What is LTV and how is the deposit calculated?

LTV (Loan to value) refers to the loan to collateral ratio and is calculated as a percentage. In practice, it means what percentage of the collateral you can take as a loan. For example: with an LTV of 70%, you can borrow 70% of the collateral. If you provide collateral of $1000, you can borrow $700

Why do you need a service?

A cryptocurrency lending service is an instrument, and cryptocurrency is an asset like stocks, bonds, etc. If you have a reserve of BTC but want to make a big purchase, you don't have to sell bitcoin at all. It is one of those assets that people try to keep.
Instead, you can take out a loan in USDT secured by BTC, for example, and get cash and return your collateral after repayment.

Why is a collateral higher than the loan amount?

If you borrow in USDT against BTC at the time of deposit, BTC is calculated at the current exchange rate against USDT.
For example: At LTV 70%, the collateral is greater than the loan amount by 30%, and this collateral margin is insurance against a sharp drop in the BTC exchange rate.

What is liquidation?

If you borrowed in USDT against BTC at 70% LTV, then at the time of borrowing, the collateral value is 30% more than the loan itself. But as the BTC exchange rate falls, the loan-to-collateral ratio will change, and when it reaches a price where the value of the loan asset and the collateral asset is roughly equal, the loan will be liquidated.
At the time of liquidation, the collateral is transferred to the lender, which is equivalent in value at the time of liquidation to the amount it lent out, and the loan taken remains with the borrower.

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