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How to merge your "bot" accounts and web-version of P2P exchange

Since 2016 we develop bots for cryptocurrency exchange on Telegram, known as "ChangeBot". This year we increased the variety of offered services and chose more relevant name — crypto-platform Bitzlato.

At the same time with the development of new services we update the old ones and transfer them to a new technological platform.

Merging your accounts of P2P exchange web-version and bots allows you to access available balance within all services of the platform and receive notifications.
How to merge accounts?
In order to merge your accounts, you have to be a user of at least one of the relaunched bots and you should be registered in a web-version of P2P exchange.
If you are located in Russia, in order to proceed you'll have to activate VPN connection. In case you are using only proxy for telegram, it won't be enough.
Log into a web-version of P2P exchange and proceed to your personal account, section Telegram. Press "Log in with Telegram". In a pop-up window enter your telegram's account phone number which is connected to the bot.

You don't have to worry about that, It's not an actual access to your account — it's just a simple authorisation via Telegram. This process is as safe as alternative authorisation via social networks such as Facebook or Vkontakte.
Momentarily you will receive a notification from Telegram, in order to confirm - press "confirm".

Return to web-interface of P2P exchange and press "Log in with Telegram" again. In a pop-up window press "accept".

At this point you have merged your accounts.
If you have properly completed all steps, you'll receive a notification in your interface of web-version, that you have successfully merged your accounts. If you have already topped up your balance (either in bot or web-version) before merging process - you'll see your balance in section "Wallet".