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How to register in the
referral program Bitzlato
and get a referral link

Bitzlato referral program is a great opportunity to earn money by inviting new users to the P2P-exchange and Bitzlato Exchange.
New users are registered by personal referral link. The user who followed your referral link becomes your referral. You get a reward for his deals.

In this article we will consider the registration in the referral program, how to get and use referral links.
Register through the web-version
Register or log in to your account in Bitzlato cryptoplatform.
Go to "My Profile", select in the left menu "Referral program".
Scroll down the page and you will see your personal referral links.
Registration via the telegram-bots
Launch one of the Bitzlato exchange bots in Telegram Запустите один из обменных ботов Bitzlato в Telegram
Telegram-боты для обмена интересующей вас криптовалюты
In the bottom menu, select "About".
In the menu that appears, select "Affilate".
In the message you will receive your personal referral links.
In this manual, we showed how to get a referral link to the web version of a P2P exchanger (exchange for all cryptocurrencies) and a link to a Telegram bot for Bitcoin exchange - @BTC_CHANGE_BOT. If you need a referral link for other bots, go through a similar process of getting the link in the appropriate bot.
Using referral links
Using referral links, you can invite a user to any product, service, or cryptoplatform page. Depending on what kind of link you use - it depends on which page or product the user you invited to start acquaintance with Bitzlato.
Example of referral links:
The referral link consists of a link to the resource itself and the referral part (personal ID in the service, which helps determine who the user is involved in):
Thus, you can use referral links leading to any products, services and Bitzlato pages:
  • in any of the 9 telegam-bots,
  • to the web-version of the P2P exchanger,
  • to the Bitzlato Exchange,
  • to the landing pages of the information website
Clicking on the link makes the user your referral in all services of the cryptoplatform.
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