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The best place to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat
0% commission forever
More than $ 10,000,000 turnover per month
Over 1,000,000 happy users
Веб-версия P2P-обменника
Special conditions
for buyers and sellers by ads
to trade by Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Dogecoin, Tether USD
and holidays
commission 0% to trade by
Bitcoin and Ethereum

What is cryptocurrency P2P-exchange?

P2P-exchange is a bulletin board with a transaction protection system. You choose the payment system or bank, the rate and terms of the transaction from possible announcements or you set your conditions. The protection of transactions is the blocking of cryptocurrency on the wallet at the time of the transaction.

Make an exchange when it is convenient for you. The service is available both in telegram-bots and in a web-version. Conduct an exchange in cryptocurrency pairs through the Bitzlato exchange.
In 2016, we launched the telegram-bot
In 2018, the company combined several
services into the Bitzlato cryptoplatform

What opportunities do
you have?

Not only accumulate, but also swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Dogecoin, Tether USD at any time for fiat funds without extra fees, transactions and transfers.

You have access to payment and banking systems from 28 countries.
Обмен криптовалюты на фиатные средства

We offer

Exchange without 3rd part
You exchange fiat money and cryptocurrency directly with
another person.
Security of
During the transaction, we keep the cryptocurrency on the wallet until the active transaction is completed.
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You can transfer your funds to Tether USD or Monolith stablecoin and not depend on the jump in cryptocurrency rates.
Защищенный обмен без посредников
You can work with a P2P-exchange both a web-version and through a telegram-bot.
Trade without
You do not pay a service fee if you make a deal by choosing the conditions of the available ads. For the creator, the commission is 0.5%. Read more
with exchange
You register in Bitzlato and use one account for work both with P2P-exchange and with the Bitzlato exchange.

Choose the type of exchange:
the web-version or the telegram-bot and follow the steps

Веб-версия обменника или телеграм-бот
Register in the service: you will have a cryptocurrency wallet automatically. Click "Enter" to start a purchasing the selected cryptocurrency. Find a buyer with sufficient amount of bitcoin for rubles or other currency available in "Settings".
When you start a transaction, Bitzlato blocks the cryptocurrency on the seller's account. The system guarantees the transparency of the transaction and the assistance of the arbitrator to all parties to the transaction in the event of a dispute. You send rubles from your card to the card of the seller.
The seller checks and confirms receipt of money. After that, we send the previously blocked cryptocurrency on the merchant's account to your account. The transaction is completed.
Веб-версия обменника или телеграм-бот
Choose telegram-bot
to exchange the cryptocurrency you are interested in

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