Payment gateway BitzlatoPay

A payment gateway is a convenient way to accept payments for goods in cryptocurrency and in Bitcoin (BTC) in particular.

How to accept payments with cryptocurrency via BitzlatoPay?

  • Your client chooses a product or service and clicks the “Pay” button.
    He can pay for a purchase with BitzlatoPay directly on your website, in a mobile application, via a link in a messenger or email.
  • Your client pays for the purchase in the Bitzlato wallet.
    The client is billed immediately after logging into Bitzlato. He pays the bill with cryptocurrency from his Bitzlato wallet or instantly purchases the required amount in one of our services using any of the 76 available methods.
  • Cryptocurrency instantly comes to your wallet.
    After paying the bill, the cryptocurrency is instantly credited to the balance of your wallet. We send you a notification of successful payment.


Please note that we do not connect cryptocurrency exchange services and services with an unsatisfactory reputation to the Payment Gateway! Also, it can be refused for other reasons without additional explanation.

In order to connect to the Payment Gateway, please fill out the Application form for connection. After submitting the application, we will send a letter to your email asking you to provide the following information:

  • System name in Bitzlato or User ID in Telegram (@userdatabot you can use this bot in Telegram to determine).
  • Your username (service) that will be displayed to your customers (short name).
  • Full name of the merchant *.
  • Description of the merchant’s service.
  • Any additional information for us that you would like to leave (optional).


*In this case, a merchant is your service that will accept payment.

You can find out more detailed information about the Payment Gateway on our website.

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