TeamViewer is a computer program that enables video conferencing and remote use of your computer by other users.

When is TeamViewer used

  • the user sent funds to the seller’s details, but didn’t confirm the transfer on the platform;
  • the user didn’t open a dispute in the event of a non-standard or conflict situation;
  • the user released the coins without checking the payment. There is no actual receipt of funds.

In all of the above cases, the terms of trade have been violated. In such situations, the user runs the risk of irrevocably losing money, but there is a small probability of their return.

A refund of funds or coins under a trade is possible only after the Bitzlato support service checks the personal account in Internet banking for the presence or absence of a payment. For security reasons, the Bitzlato support service doesn’t log in directly to the user’s Internet banking account. Therefore, remote access via TeamViewer is required.

Is it safe to use TeamViewer

Remote access via TeamViewer is a completely controlled process. You can restrict access at any time.

Where to download TeamViewer

TeamViewer can be downloaded for free from the official website of the program:

Will TeamViewer help

Bitzlato support warns: refunds cannot be guaranteed due to violation of the trade conditions. The return process can take a long time and stretch indefinitely.

In case of successful verification of the payment, the information is transferred to the security service, which returns the funds under the trade to your account. In this case, a service fee of 10% of the trade amount will be charged.

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