Transactions on the blockchain network are not instantaneous. The translation can take from several minutes to several days. The withdrawal speed depends on the blockchain network load.

If the transaction has not yet left the platform:

The transaction goes to the blockchain network within 10-15 minutes. If more than 15 minutes have passed, and the transaction has not yet entered the blockchain network, you can contact Bitzlato support:

Time delays are needed to accumulate enough transactions to send collectively. If you send a transfer without collective sending, then the transaction can hang in the blockchain network for up to several days — in the worst case, up to several weeks. The withdrawal fee is deducted from the balance on the wallet after the withdrawal.

If the transaction has already been confirmed by the blockchain network:

When checking the transaction for withdrawing funds from the Bitzlato platform, indicate the recipient’s address on the explorer website. The address from which funds are withdrawn is randomly selected due to the collective sending.

If the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain network, but didn’t arrive at the external wallet, contact the support of this service.

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