The wallet displays the amount in cryptocurrency and its approximate equivalent in fiat currency.

The equivalent is calculated at the exchange rate. You can select the source at the exchange rate of which the equivalent will be displayed:


1. In the web version, log into your account and go to the Wallet” page. To go to this page, click on your account name and in the drop-down window select the “My wallets” tab.

My wallets button in the drop-down window

2. Click on the wallet in the cryptocurrency you are interested in. For example, let’s choose a BTC wallet.

Selecting a wallet in the desired cryptocurrency from the list

3. In the wallet menu, go to the “Rate” tab.

Rate tab on the page of the selected wallet

4. In the “Rate” tab, you will see the name of the exchange and the rate that are used to calculate the equivalent. Click on it to open the entire list of sources.

Choosing the source of exchange rate
Telegram Bot

In this example, we will look at how to select the exchange rate for the BTC/USD pair in the telegram bot wallet @BZ_CHANGE_BOT.

1. In the bot’s main menu, click “Settings“.

2. In the settings menu, click “BTC rate“.

Rate BTC button in the Settings menu

3. The bot will display which exchange is used as a source for recalculation at the moment and will send you the names of all available sources and their exchange rates.

Selecting the source of exchange rate

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