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Buy BTC for RUB with Сбербанк at user Olegolend

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переводы внутри Банка С карты Банка на карту Банка без комментариев.честный и быстрый обмен.с карт других банков и платёжных систем деньги не возвращаются. В связи с частыми случаями мошенничества могу попросить фото карты .и чек перевода.невыполнение условий монеты не опускаются. Всем 👍

🔒Bitzlato protects you. During the trade cryptocurrency will be held on the trader account. After the payment trader marks deal as finished and release the funds.

This protects both the buyer and the seller.

  • Read the terms of the advert and make sure that you can fulfill them.
  • Specify the amount in cryptocurrency or the currency you want to exchange.
  • Specify the currency or the cryptocurrency you want to exchange.
  • In the additional information section, provide the necessary information for the trader.
  • After sending the request, you can start a discussion with the trader in the Bitzlato Chat.
  • Open deals are located in "My Adverts" section. There you can chat with the trader securely.

You can cancel the trade before you have paid.

You can find open deals on "My Adverts" page.

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BTCRUBРокетбанк480987900 - 25000Sell
BTCRUBСбербанк5000042700 - 20000Sell
BTCRUBVISA5174192900 - 75000Sell
BTCRUBРайффайзен5209091100 - 100000Sell
BTCRUBMASTERCARD5174192900 - 75000Sell
BTCRUBАльфа-Банк5203083000 - 8580Sell
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BTCRUBЯндекс.Деньги5350091000 - 35000Sell
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BTCRUBРусский Стандарт4983452900 - 99000Sell
BTCRUBМТС-банк4983452500 - 30000Sell
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BTCRUBТинькофф5120022400 - 11600Sell
BCHRUBРокетбанк14453500 - 100000Sell
BCHRUBРайффайзен144531000 - 100000Sell
BCHRUBQIWI14453500 - 100000Sell
BCHRUBВТБ24144531000 - 100000Sell
BTCRUBQIWI5330193000 - 7700Sell
BTCRUBWebmoney493009900 - 8000Sell
ETHRUBQIWI11182500 - 15000Sell
ETHRUBАльфа-Банк111821 - 69000Sell
ETHRUBТинькофф111823000 - 60000Sell
ETHRUBЯндекс.Деньги11182500 - 50000Sell
ETHRUBWebmoney11182500 - 25000Sell
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BTCRUBМИР5641941100 - 49000Buy
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