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Buy BTC for RUB with Тинькофф at user Krypto_Man

Rate550000 RUB
Verification: ✅ Identity card
rating 17918.679; (6480)👍 (7)👎
Limits10000 - 300000 RUB
0.01818182 - 0.54545455 BTC
Terms of use
!!!!!!С кредитных карт не принимаю!!!!!! С кредитки отменяю сделку, возвращаю деньги, теряете комиссию, так что имейте ввиду! Если позвонят из банка для уточнения цели платежа, говорите "Возврат долга", если скажете вдруг что переводите за крипту, перевод не пройдет, и карты нам обоим заблокируют, так как Тинькофф против такого использования карт.

🔒Bitzlato protects you. During the trade cryptocurrency will be held on the trader account. After the payment trader marks deal as finished and release the funds.

This protects both the buyer and the seller.

  • Read the terms of the advert and make sure that you can fulfill them.
  • Specify the amount in cryptocurrency or the currency you want to exchange.
  • Specify the currency or the cryptocurrency you want to exchange.
  • In the additional information section, provide the necessary information for the trader.
  • After sending the request, you can start a discussion with the trader in the Bitzlato Chat.
  • Open deals are located in "My Adverts" section. There you can chat with the trader securely.

You can cancel the trade before you have paid.

You can find open deals on "My Adverts" page.

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