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🔒Bitzlato protects you. During the trade cryptocurrency will be held on the trader account. After the payment trader marks deal as finished and release the funds.

This protects both the buyer and the seller.

  • Read the terms of the advert and make sure that you can fulfill them.
  • Specify the amount in cryptocurrency or the currency you want to exchange.
  • Specify the currency or the cryptocurrency you want to exchange.
  • In the additional information section, provide the necessary information for the trader.
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You can find open deals on "My Adverts" page.

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BCHRUBТинькофф1421230000 - 350000Sell
BTCRUBТинькофф52200130000 - 200000Sell
ETHRUBТинькофф1130925000 - 250000Sell
ETHRUBСбербанк1119930000 - 200000Sell
LTCRUBТинькофф355235000 - 200000Sell
USDTRUBТинькофф61.8730000 - 299000Sell
USDTRUBСбербанк62.1930000 - 350000Sell
BCHRUBСбербанк1416920000 - 599999Sell
BTCRUBРайффайзен52773230000 - 2500000Sell
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DASHRUBТинькофф424230000 - 400000Sell
ETHRUBQIWI1354615000 - 100000Sell
LTCRUBСбербанк433425000 - 6000000Sell
LTCRUBАльфа-Банк337830000 - 200000Sell
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BTCRUBТинькофф5659903000 - 5000000Buy
BTCRUBСбербанк5588881000 - 1500Buy
BTCRUBQIWI5600002000 - 2000000Buy
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BTCRUBАльфа-Банк77316010000 - 5000000Buy
ETHRUBQIWI164003000 - 6666666Buy
ETHRUBСбербанк142373000 - 600000Buy
ETHRUBТинькофф145001500 - 6000000Buy
LTCRUBТинькофф7500400 - 99999999Buy
RUBMRUBСбербанк1500 - 500Buy