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🔒Bitzlato protects you. During the trade cryptocurrency will be held on the trader account. After the payment trader marks deal as finished and release the funds.

This protects both the buyer and the seller.

  • Read the terms of the advert and make sure that you can fulfill them.
  • Specify the amount in cryptocurrency or the currency you want to exchange.
  • Specify the currency or the cryptocurrency you want to exchange.
  • In the additional information section, provide the necessary information for the trader.
  • After sending the request, you can start a discussion with the trader in the Bitzlato Chat.
  • Open deals are located in "My Adverts" section. There you can chat with the trader securely.

You can cancel the trade before you have paid.

You can find open deals on "My Adverts" page.

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Buying adverts
Payment method
BCHRUBQIWI1408310000 - 80000Sell
BCHRUBАльфа-Банк140948000 - 200000Sell
BCHRUBОткрытие140259000 - 200000Sell
BCHRUBСбербанк1409410000 - 280000Sell
BCHRUBВТБ24139395000 - 150000Sell
BCHRUBТинькофф141129000 - 200000Sell
BCHRUBС карты на карту138805000 - 100000Sell
BCHRUBЯндекс.Деньги141155000 - 85000Sell
BTCRUBВТБ245242507000 - 250000Sell
BTCRUBQIWI5141465000 - 70000Sell
BTCRUBТинькофф52425015000 - 300000Sell
BTCRUBАльфа-Банк52419710000 - 250000Sell
BTCRUBС карты на карту5212509000 - 150000Sell
BTCRUBСбербанк51335710000 - 250000Sell
BTCRUBWebmoney5109892500 - 55000Sell
BTCRUBОткрытие5258298000 - 350000Sell
BTCRUBПополнение телефона5133572500 - 50000Sell
BTCRUBПочта банк5210939000 - 100000Sell
BTCRUBПромсвязьбанк52572410000 - 150000Sell
BTCRUBРайффайзен5255137000 - 100000Sell
BTCRUBЯндекс.Деньги5238825500 - 80000Sell
DASHRUBСбербанк44037500 - 350000Sell
DASHRUBЯндекс.Деньги44387000 - 100000Sell
DASHRUBТинькофф44005000 - 300000Sell
DASHRUBВТБ2443875000 - 100000Sell
DASHRUBАльфа-Банк43507000 - 200000Sell
DASHRUBQIWI43595000 - 80000Sell
DASHRUBС карты на карту43097000 - 150000Sell
DOGERUBQIWI0.17035000 - 80000Sell
DOGERUBВТБ240.1695000 - 100000Sell
DOGERUBТинькофф0.17026000 - 150000Sell
DOGERUBАльфа-Банк0.16815500 - 150000Sell
DOGERUBЯндекс.Деньги0.16735000 - 80000Sell
DOGERUBС карты на карту0.16695000 - 150000Sell
DOGERUBСбербанк0.16787000 - 150000Sell
ETHRUBТинькофф111607500 - 200000Sell
ETHRUBС карты на карту109375000 - 100000Sell
ETHRUBВТБ24112017000 - 200000Sell
ETHRUBАльфа-Банк1122310000 - 300000Sell
ETHRUBWebmoney110545000 - 70000Sell
ETHRUBПополнение телефона108811000 - 100000Sell
ETHRUBОткрытие110548000 - 200000Sell
ETHRUBQIWI110535000 - 77000Sell
ETHRUBСбербанк109337500 - 250000Sell
ETHRUBЯндекс.Деньги108815000 - 70000Sell
LTCRUBОткрытие34038000 - 150000Sell
LTCRUBВТБ2434748000 - 200000Sell
LTCRUBРусский Стандарт32627000 - 150000Sell
LTCRUBС карты на карту33487000 - 100000Sell
LTCRUBЯндекс.Деньги34215000 - 70000Sell
LTCRUBРайффайзен34008000 - 150000Sell
LTCRUBТинькофф346610000 - 200000Sell
LTCRUBСбербанк34259000 - 200000Sell
LTCRUBПромсвязьбанк34008000 - 150000Sell
LTCRUBQIWI34365000 - 80000Sell
LTCRUBАльфа-Банк34468000 - 200000Sell
USDTRUBТинькофф61.685500 - 150000Sell
USDTRUBВТБ2461.615000 - 100000Sell
USDTRUBСбербанк61.235500 - 150000Sell
Selling adverts
Payment method
BTCRUBЯндекс.Деньги5841377000 - 70000Buy
BTCRUBВТБ2455782510000 - 200000Buy
BTCRUBQIWI57887510000 - 70000Buy
BTCRUBТинькофф55782515000 - 300000Buy
BTCRUBС карты на карту5630878000 - 150000Buy
BTCRUBСбербанк56835015000 - 300000Buy
BTCRUBWebmoney5788754000 - 50000Buy
BTCRUBОткрытие5577206000 - 100000Buy
BTCRUBРусский Стандарт5578255500 - 100000Buy
BTCRUBРайффайзен7350005500 - 100000Buy
BTCRUBПромсвязьбанк5604565500 - 100000Buy
DOGERUBQIWI0.19875500 - 70000Buy
DOGERUBВТБ240.195000 - 100000Buy
DOGERUBС карты на карту0.19875500 - 100000Buy
DOGERUBТинькофф0.195500 - 100000Buy
DOGERUBСбербанк0.195500 - 100000Buy
ETHRUBЯндекс.Деньги171703800 - 70000Buy
ETHRUBС карты на карту117105100 - 70000Buy
ETHRUBВТБ24117625100 - 100000Buy
ETHRUBТинькофф116865500 - 150000Buy
ETHRUBСбербанк1153310000 - 150000Buy
ETHRUBQIWI1181410000 - 70000Buy
LTCRUBТинькофф364325000 - 125000Buy